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Service Packages

Tune Up

A check-up and repair of your bicycle. We suggest a tune-up being done every 1500 - 2000 miles, or at a minimum of once a year.

Key Benefits

  • Safety check over
  • Adjustment of brakes and gears
  • Truing of wheels and adjustment of headset, hubs and bottom bracket.


  • $85.00 plus parts (single) 
  • $125.00 plus parts (tandem/recumbent)


Major Tune-Up

A major tune-up is recommend when the drive train is getting clogged with grease and dirt.  This service helps extend the life of your chain and gear cluster and derailleur.

What we do

  • Complete Tune-up plus
  • Degreasing of chain, gear cluster, cranks and derailleur pulleys
  • Replacement of worn chain and or gear clusters if needed (parts extra)


  • $150.00 plus parts (Single) 
  • $190.00 plus parts (Tandem/recumbent)


An overhaul should be preformed on any bicycle after every 5000 - 6000 miles or after doing a large amount of wet weather riding. We suggest that every third major servicing should be an overhaul at the minimum.

What will be done:

  • Complete disassemble of bicycle & components
  • Degreasing of all parts and repacking of bearings
  • Rebuilding with new cables and bearings


  • $200.00 plus parts (single) (bicycles with internal gearing add $75.00)
  • $280.00 plus parts (tandem/recumbent)